Loving foster homes are the backbone of any rescue organization. They are families just like yours that provide a safe, temporary home for rescued pets to rest, recuperate and prepare to meet their forever families. The animals in foster care benefit greatly from love and attention and living in a home environment; for some rescued pets, it may be a first. When foster homes are not available, rescued pets stay in boarding kennels or veterinary clinics.

Animals can be in foster care anywhere from a few days to a few months, with the average stay being about 2-3 weeks. If you have a vacation or business trip planned, don’t worry about your foster pet…we’ll find him another place to stay while you’re away.

As a Kentucky Mutts Rescue foster home, you provide the comfy place to sleep and all the love you can spare. Kentucky Mutts covers all of your foster pet’s food, toys, veterinary expenses, medications, and provides any special equipment or supplies. We ask the foster family to treat the foster pet like any other member of the family. Get to know their personality. Any insight you can offer is helpful to our placement decision. Together, you and the animal’s rescue representative decide what kind of home will be best for your foster pet. By facilitating potential adopter meetings, you’ll have the opportunity to meet your foster pet’s new family and ensure it’s a good match.

We understand that “foster failures” occur. If you and your foster’s representative decide the foster is a good match for your family, you are eligible to adopt the pet. The standard adoption procedure is followed, including adoption contract and donation. We hope you’ll continue to foster!

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Kentucky Mutts Rescue. Please take a moment to complete our application. This will assist us in placing the right dog in your home.

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