This application is not binding, and it doesn’t necessarily mean you will adopt the dog. It simply lets the group know you are interested in meeting the dog to decide if you would like to adopt.
Meeting one of our dogs does not guarantee adoption. We receive multiple applications for the same dog, and must make a determination on which home is best. This isn’t something we like to do but means that sometimes we have to turn down great people – please don’t take it personally!
We do not adopt outside of our area. If we cannot locate a home visit volunteer in your area then we are unable to approve your adoption request. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
All applicants are subject to a background check. Once again, please do not take it personally, it is meant as an extra level of protection for our dogs (who cannot speak for themselves) from being placed in an unsafe environment.
We do not adopt dogs to families whose current pets are not up to date on shots or unaltered. Exceptions will be made for medical reasons, as stated by a veterinarian. Thank you for understanding our mission to reduce overpopulation!
Home Address:
Do you own or rent:
What type of home do you live in?
Do you have a fenced yard? (No electric fences will be approved):
Do you have any other pet(s)?:
Have you owned any pets in the past five years that are no longer in your possession?
Are all family members in agreement on adopting a pet?
If you adopt a dog will it be left outside unattended?
If you answered yes, how long will the dog be left unattended each day?

Will the dog live:
How often do you plan on walking the dog?
What are you looking for in a dog? (check all that apply)
Which characteristics would you NOT tolerate in a dog (check all that apply)
If your dog displayed any one of the above traits, what would you do?

What is the best way to correct your dog's mistakes?

Under what circumstances would you return your dog to the rescue?
How did you hear about our rescue?

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